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About Me

Hi, I am so glad you found me! I’m Lauren(Lolo), a self taught seamstress, DIYer and maker who has a passion for helping you spread joy, kindness, love, and Jesus. I hope to fill your home with meaningful pieces made to last. Pieces worth passing down.

This little business started out, in 2015, with a single memory pillow. The one I made for my little brother from one of our dad's old shirts. Everyone loved it so much that they said I should sell them. That was when I created my very first Etsy listing. I learned the art of sewing from my grandmother and with lots of trial and error. I've now made countless memory pillows, blankets, quilts, along with lots of adorable dresses for my daughter and niece. I truly love seeing a design come to life!

I started creating signs and decor in 2017. I have always been a DIYer (dating back to my teaching years) but my journey of becoming a maker started when I dusted off my dad's old table saw and his rusty old sander. Those tools allowed me to create beautiful pieces for my friends, my family, and my home. That love for making, along with YouTube, Pinterest, and other makers, is what got me where I am today. 

During the day I am chaos manager, teacher, and housekeeper of two littles, two dogs, one rabbit, 6 fish, and one husband. At night, I am a maker, boss, creative designer and entrepreneur. Every item from HeyLolo Designs is handcrafted and shipped by me in my garage or home office here in central Texas.


My goal is to create pieces that inspire you to be kind, joyful, spiritual, and loving to those around you. Thank you so much for stopping by HeyLolo Designs, I hope you have a blessed day.


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